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How to Submit Prints

Before sending us your paper prints for a montage, please follow the instructions below.

Put all of your pictures in the order that you would like them to appear in the montage. Feel free to number each one on the back so we can ensure that the pictures appear in the correct order. Use a pencil or ballpoint pen, not a marker as the ink may bleed on to other pictures.

If you plan to mix digital pictures and prints, number them accordingly. If you would like text slides, write down what you want it to say on a card and insert it between the pictures where you would like to see it appear in the final montage. Same goes for video, if you want your clip to be between slides, give it a number between those two. If you have numbered your pictures already, then number the video with a letter, so that it would appear like this, "picture 21, video 21a, picture 22, video 22a, etc."

Pack groups of pictures into bundles of no more than 50 and place them in order in plastic bag.

Do not use a rubber band, paper clip or any other means to keep the pictures together as it will damage the prints and may jam our scanning equipment.

When you pack the box, be sure that it's strong enough to withstand transit and that there is additional packing material in the box to protect your pictures.

Use a reliable, certified shipper and get insurance. We recommend FedEx or UPS with signature confirmation. Our legal disclaimer states that we are not responsible for your pictures until they are in our possession so take care to use a shipper that you trust.

Make your return address legible and please include a phone number and e-mail address for our correspondence.