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Legal DIsclaimer

The film, photos and/or other materials submitted to us on this order are my personal property and I acknowledge and agree that Manhattan Montage NYC or its agents liability for any loss, damage or delay to said material during the requested service will be limited to the replacement cost of a non-exposed roll of film or replacement cost of a CD, DVD or cassette. Except for such replacement, DVDPhotographs or its agents shall not be liable for any other loss or damage, direct, consequential or incidental arising out of customer's use of Manhattan Montage NYC services. The undersigned hereby warrants that all pictures, video or audio materials being presented to Manhattan Montage NYC or its agents for transfer are not to his/her knowledge protected by copyrights owned by another, or that if the material is protected the undersigned has obtained the permission of the copyright owner to make or have Manhattan Montage NYC make copies of the material, and that such permission is in written form and in the possession of the undersigned. The undersigned hereby warrants that this order is to be used exclusively for private home use and will not be commercially distributed. The undersigned will hold Manhattan Montage NYC harmless for any judgment costs, legal fees, or other expenses that might arise by the reason of any infringement of copyright related to this order. Limited to re-do only. No refunds.

All montage submissions must be accompanied by a completed order form and full payment for the montage.