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Manhattan Montage FAQ

How long will the final montage be?

See our prices page, but to give you a rough idea, you get 10 pictures a minute, so a mini montage of 50 pictures would be about 5 minutes.

How should I organize my pictures?

You should submit your pictures in the order that you would like them to appear in the montage. It’s up to you if you want them be chronological, grouped by event, by person, or a random assortment. If you would like to add titles or credits, feel free to use a post-it or an index card. Write what you want the title card to say, insert it in the pictures where you want it to appear and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I have different sections on the DVD, i.e. chapters that I can watch either separately or together?

Yes. If you want to have different chapters, group the pictures that will be in each chapter into their own bag and number them. They will be burned to DVD in chapters with the option to play all chapters at once. Just be aware that if you choose this option, you will have to manually start the show by loading the DVD and clicking the play button. If you don't want chapters and just want one montage to auto play, then group all of your pictures together. If you have too many pictures for one bag, you can divide them among multiple bags, just indicate the order in which they should appear.

I am not creative, can you help?

Yes, on the order form there will are 3 levels of creative involvement. The first is “none,” and that means a montage will be made using your pictures and your music in the order that it is submitted. The second option is “some,” and that means that you would like us to add stock or royalty-free images, videos and music to enhance the experience of the final montage. The last option is “full,” and that means that you would like our creative team to add text slides that help tell the story, you would like us to find the perfect song, you don't have a specific order in mind for the pictures and that you want to be pleasantly surprised by what you get. Please see the order form for more details.

What size pictures can you accept?

We can accept pictures as small as 3 inches X 3 inches but we prefer them to be a minimum of 4 X 6, up to 8 1/2 X 11. We can also scan wide panoramic pictures but they will not fill the screen and may be cropped to fit the screen.

Can I scan my own pictures and submit them digitally?

Of course! Our guidelines are simple, please scan so that the final file is 2400 x 1800 pixels in a 4:3 ratio. This will ensure that your images remain crisp and clear through all animations and on any size screen. Files submitted at a lower resolution will appear softer and more pixelated in the final montage.

How can I be sure that my pictures are not damaged during the process?

All images are handled as if they were our own, meaning that we treat them with care, we forbid foods and drinks from the work area and each project is assigned to a technician who will do one project at a time. We strongly advise all customers to use a trackable, insurable method of delivery. Pack your photos into water- and air-tight bags and make sure that they are packed securely so they don't move around in transit. We have never lost a single picture sent to us and plan to keep it that way. Also, once we receive the pictures from you, the first step is to scan them, which means that even if something unforeseen happens in the return shipping, you can always make new prints from the cleaned, high resolution scans, and they will look even better than the originals.

What if I don't have good music to go with my montage?

We can buy almost any song that you can think of or we can offer suggestions from our extensive music library. You can also include the songs you like as MP3 files, either when you upload them or burned on a disc and submitted by snail mail.

I just have pictures but no idea what order to put them in or what to do, can you help?

Of course. You can give us as much or as little direction as you like before making the show. We are very good and experienced with this and when it comes down to it, making a montage is about making hard choices. If you can't make them, we can make them for you and you can be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes even when you know what you want, it's sometimes a good idea to let a creative eye put together a show based on what works, not based on arbitrary decisions.

Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

Anyone can make a slideshow, in the same way that anyone can type on a computer, but it takes training, experience and creativity to make something memorable. We also have access to multiple applications and design tools and can handle not just the scanning but all of the technical parts of the montage creation. It takes years of doing this to get really good at it, and it's not necessary for you to spend your time doing this when you can get better, faster and less expensive results by leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals—us.

How long does it take to produce a montage?

If your images are submitted digitally, you will also get to see an online proof with 10 days of receipt of your pictures. If you submit prints, allow 14 days for the proof. Once the proof has been posted, you get one round of revisions/corrections/changes and then it is finalized and burned to DVD. Once the final version has been accepted, any further changes will be charged at $100/hour.

Do I need a computer to view the montage?

No, you will get a DVD that will play on any player and any computer. They will also be viewable on any smartphone.

Can I send pictures in a frame or that have been mounted?

No, please remove all pictures from wherever they are. Our scanners can accommodate a lot of picture sizes, but frames will not fit in a scanner.

Can I send in negatives or slides?

No, at this time we can only accept paper prints, digital pictures, VHS, Mini DV and DVDs.